You can find all of publications by this group since 1982. Papers published for more than 30 years are catagorized by  flow of time; 1982-2000, 2001-2010 and 2011-Present. Each catagories contains various subjects of research and summerized briefly below. Click a picture of each section you want to explore than it will bring you to the list.


2011 – Present

2001 – 2010

1982 – 2000

Recently, we have been developing novel fluorescence probes, focusing on two photon absorbing materials as well as bio- and nano- materials. After synthesizing bioconjugated molecules of therapeutic activity and nano biosensors for early diagnosis of disease, we look for application of bio-imaging and disease diagnosis.

In this period, we have developed control the enantioselectivity of alkylation and michael addition by using chiral molecules. Also, we have researched the molecular recognition and sensing that is focused on the development of novel artificial receptors or molecular sensors for the selective recog-nition sensing of biogenic species such as metal ions, cyanide, ammonium and amines.

In this period, we have developed the selective reduction by borohydride derivatives, the asymmetric aldol reaction and diastereoselective alkylation reaction employing a camphor-based chriral oxazi-none auxiliary. Also, We have developed the various reaction using metal-catalyst. Lastly, we have carried out the total synthesis.